CLE: Are You Ready? Law Firm Response to Cyber Attacks

Event Date:
Start at 9:00 AM
January 26, 2022
About the program: Many area businesses and law firms have been targets of recent cyberattacks. Know the risk and how to mitigate the harm
You will learn: The practical and legal ramifications of a breach including how to manage your firm thru the emergency; available insurance coverage and claims issues; and the requirements of notice to those whose privacy may have been compromised
Michael Menapace, Esq., Partner, Wiggin and Dana LLP
Scott Garcia, Certified Cyber Risk Manager, Smith Brothers USA
Sherwin Yoder, Esq., Partner, Carmody Torrance Sandak & Hennessey LLP
Michael Kopsick, Esq., Managing Partner of Kahan Kerensky & Capossela, LLP

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